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    RE: MediTech Expanse

    How are your visits being charged when done as an ambulatory account rather than part of the RCR hospital ...

  • Let me know if I can be a resource. We don't have it all figured out, but having dedicated EHR IT folks ...

  • Hello Nicole, I appreciate your response. I was not aware that this has been an issue with EPIC as ...

  • We have three providers (at once) using Expanse: two medical oncologists and one radiation oncologists. ...

  • Nicole, I am most interested in learning this about Cerner. We have EPIC and faced similar problems. ...

  • We do not have our nursing team change into hospital scrubs. ------------------------------ Michelle ...

  • Hi Erica, Would you share your handout with me as well? Kimberly.hurley@unchealth.unc.edu is my email ...

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