Mr. Matt Sherer, MBA, MSHA, FACHE, FACCC

Oncology Specialists of Charlotte, PA

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Oncology Specialists of Charlotte, PA


As an experienced Oncology Healthcare Executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry, my career has been characterized by a commitment to excellence in strategic healthcare management and excellent patient care. My academic background and professional recognition as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) have been instrumental in my efforts to elevate oncology services through innovative strategies and effective management.
My primary focus is on driving significant operational improvements, achieving financial stability, and enhancing patient satisfaction. As a forward-thinking leader, I am skilled in navigating the complexities of healthcare while delivering sustainable growth and innovative solutions.
My core competencies include:
- Strategic Leadership and Business Development: I have a proven track record in leading healthcare organizations to success through strategic planning and effective business development initiatives.
- Healthcare Operations and Management: I am experienced in overseeing complex healthcare operations, managing revenue cycles, and ensuring operational excellence in diverse healthcare settings.
- Patient-Centric Care and Safety: I am dedicated to prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction and fostering a culture of top-tier patient care throughout my tenure in healthcare leadership.
- Collaboration and Team Building: I am adept at mentoring, coaching, and leading cross-functional teams, with a strong focus on community engagement and physician relations.